Here for your employee’s toughest challenges

Everyone hits rock bottom. Wire Health takes the guess work out finding mental health support and quickly matches your employees with a team of top behavioral health professionals.

About Us

Effective mental health care during the hard times

Wire Health provides effective mental health care to self-funded employers to support their people during hard times

We are there for your employees through their traumatic experiences, delivering the right treatment at the right time, where and when patients need it most.

Data-driven care platform

Our data-driven care platform costs a fraction of the hospital-centric approach leading to immense savings for employers. We offer bundled pricing and per employee per month pricing models.

We’re driving down costs and helping employees in the process

The right treatment, at the right time, where and when patients need it the most. No pre-cert, no empty networks, no need to appeal.

The Wire difference

An employee is sent to HR because he is continually missing meetings and deadlines. Employee informs HR that he has been depressed and unwell since the passing of his wife three months ago. He has not sought help, but would like to now. HR calls Wire’s number directly and helps get this employee into a treatment path uniquely designed for his needs.

Wire health is here to help plan around any situation.

Need support? See how Wire can help.

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