Improve mental well-being and strengthen resilience with Wire Health coaching

With a Wire Health Coach, managing emotions to find work-life balance can help you maximize your potential.

Our Mission

Wire coaching is an affordable, accessible way to get the help you need.

Coaching by a highly trained specialist in mental health who can build skills and provide feedback on level of progress – Wire coaches work with each client individually so they know exactly what’s working for them!

Wire Coaching

While a therapist will diagnose and treat mental health issues, a coach is a mental health practitioner that focuses on navigating present problems and exploring solutions. Think of a coach as a middle step between self-help and therapy when you need short-term support to conquer an obstacle you’re facing.

What is Wire Coaching?

It is an empathetic and supportive program here to help you start feeling better today.

It is for people who want a warm-demanding coach. People who are hungry to make changes and try things they have not tried before.

It is an evidence-based, short-term, solution-focused approach to addressing a wide variety of mental health problems.

It is not a simple solution approach.

You bring your problem – We’ll help you find the solution.

Common Questions About Coaching

What training do coaches have?

While Wire’s mental health coaches aren’t therapists, they draw on principles and practices from evidence-based therapies such as cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT), and dialectical behavior therapy (DBT).

What if I have a serious mental health issue?

Unlike therapists, coaches don’t specialize in treating complex clinical problems. However, they can help you in determining the most appropriate treatment and assisting you in locating a highly trained therapist or psychiatrist.

Will the coaches just be reading off a script?

Wire’s coaches are experts at tuning their techniques for each client, tailoring them to best serve the individual needs and circumstances. They listen deeply in order gain an understanding of what you’re going through so that they can provide personalized coaching solutions focused on your specific challenges or hopes

Isn’t it better for me to see a therapist?

Imagine something broken in your home. Sometimes it’s important to call a contractor immediately. Sometimes it’s something you could fix yourself. Sometimes it’s hard to know the difference. A coach is like an expert who will be able to tell you what are the tools you need, how to use them and when it’s better to call the contractor.

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