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Wire Health is a pioneer in delivering value-based care solutions and a driver of positive healthcare change.

About Us

Beginning with mental health, Wire is defining and delivering the standard for health care

Our top-tier team brings best in class care.

We know how important it is to ensure the happiness and well being of your employees, and we are here to help. Look to us to guide your employees through their toughest moments so that your culture stands the test of time.

Our Mission

We are leveraging technology to optimize mental health outcomes

Wire acheives this through personalized holistic care delivered with compassion.

How We Work


Patients are misdiagnosed, diagnosed too late, and not listened to. We work to not let that happen to you. We offer truly personalized care to help you with your toughest moments by matching you with the right providers and the oversight of concierge care.

We work to bring you amazing access to innovative and evidence based treatments.


Come change the world with us. We are a provider centric culture that values you as a person and your career growth. We offer flexibility, patient care support, supervision, quick payment, continuing education and even support for your core business. We want to build a community with you. 

We want to support everyone through trauma recovery, especially our healthcare professionals.


We are here to help your employees gracefully recover from difficult times that we all face. Our national team of experts work in a collaborative model to support your employees with clinically validated and modern solutions. Let us be your guide. No pre-authorizations or other hoops to jump through.

Need support? See how Wire can help.

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